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Custom shape sticker die cut & kiss cut, we cut the sticker shape to any shape that you required.

We do sticker printing and design sticker, for various applications:
1. Frozen food and beverage sticker,
2. Beverage with moisture resistance,
3. Food paper or plastic packaging sticker
4. Plastic bottle or container sticker,
5. Glass bottle sticker,
6. Toiletry product sticker,
7. Cosmetic product sticker,
8. Health and beauty product sticker,
9. Warranty sticker,
10. Easy breakable sticker,
11. Product instruction label sticker,
12. Service repair label sticker,
13. Temporarily marking items sticker,
14. Water resistant sticker,
15. Scratch resistant sticker,
16. Tear resistance sticker,
17. Resistance to moisture and oily surface sticker,
18. Flat surface sticker,
19. Curve surface sticker.

Print Sticker in custom sizes and design for your business branding, sticker printing and die cut into any size, any shape and print at any quantity.

Die-cut sticker printing is an incredibly economical way to enhance your branding efforts, promote a specific product or service or motivate a direct response. The quality of your die-cut sticker is important, not only for sticker longevity but also for projecting a professional image.

Add personality to product packaging and personal items with die cut stickers

Get high quality custom stickers printing now !!


Custom Die-Cut / Rectangle / Square / Round
Minimum Size Area: 30mm x 30mm
Minimum Height: 30mm onward
Minimum Width: 30mm onward
Up to Maximum Size Area: 300mm x 420mm

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  • Value
    Review by Leslie Prichard on 1/3/2014
    I have purchased shirts from Minimalism a few times and am never disappointed. The quality is excellent and the shipping is amazing. It seems like it's at your front door the minute you get off your pc. I have received my purchases within two days - amazing.
  • Value
    Review by Sandra Parkeron 1/3/2014
    Minimalism is the online !
  • Value
    Review by Anthony Lewison 1/3/2014
    Unbeatable service and selection. This store has the best business model I have seen on the net. They are true to their word, and go the extra mile for their customers. I felt like a purchasing partner more than a customer. You have a lifetime client in me.
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